Kingsley Roofing are approved installers for several market leading Single Ply Membrane manufacturers,  thereby entitling us to provide our customers with the advantages offered by the very best of flat roofing technology.

Single ply roofing systems are able to meet highly challenging design briefs, delivering excellent thermal insulation and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint while making sure that performance-critical roof membranes continue to deliver high quality protection. Single ply membranes are used in all building sectors.Flame Free single ply membranes are cold applied and free from naked flames. Our membranes are homogeneous, which when hot air welded form joints which are stronger than the membrane itself.

Single ply membrane systems are especially suitable as an overlay material for existing built-up felt and asphalt roofing. Single ply membranes are vapour permeable ensuring that moisture in the existing roofing will gradually disperse and consequently assist to dry out the existing roofing.

Our operatives are given thorough training by our suppliers in order to provide our customers with a high level of workmanship during installation and a quality roof on completion.

  • Independent inspections are carried out by our suppliers both during the work and upon completion. This provides our company with technical back-up when required and our customers with additional support and peace of mind.
    Rapid construction allowing early interior fit-out
  • Low capital cost and cost-in-use
  • Safe, flame-free construction using hot-air welding, adhesives and fasteners
  • High thermal performance using lightweight, thermally efficient rigid insulation
  • Cold bridging eliminated by use of thermal break fasteners
  • Effective control of air leakage to meet new energy efficiency regulations
  • Easy repair, modification and refurbishment
  • Various colour options with matching profiles for eaves, verges and parapets
  • Up to 20 year single point warranties available