Kingsley Industrial over sheeting works

Kingsley over-sheeting project before works started

Kingsley over-sheeting project after works were completed

Over-roofing is often the best option for refurbishing existing roofs which have come to the end of their functional life or become uneconomic to repair.

This method of refurbishment avoids the cost of stripping and disposing of the redundant material, minimizes the disruption to occupancy and allows uninterrupted use of the building.

 Over sheeting can be adapted for most pitched roofs and cladding. This means the original roof or cladding remains in place providing weather protection, whilst a proprietary spacer bar system is installed to support the new covering.

 A choice of roof coverings can be utilised such as colour coated steel and aluminium profiled sheeting. Standing seam and concealed fix systems are available for low-pitch roof applications.

  • Minimum disturbance to the use within the building
  • Increase the thermal performance of the roofing & cladding
  • Reduce the carbon emissions of the operation of the building
  • Upgrade & improve the aesthetic of the building
  • Avoids the costs of stripping and disposing of existing materials.