Industrial Roof Replacement

At Kingsley Industrial Roofing, we specialise in offering a comprehensive range of composite metal roofing systems, custom-tailored to align with the specific requirements of your industrial roofing project.

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Diverse Range of Roofing Systems

Our expertise encompasses a variety of roofing systems, designed to cater to diverse industrial applications:

Insulated Composite Panels

Perfect for energy-efficient roofing solutions, these panels provide excellent insulation properties.

Low Pitch Standing Seam Systems

Ideal for modern architectural designs, including secret fix systems that offer a streamlined appearance.

Single Skin Sheeting

A versatile and economical choice, suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Substrate Options and Finishes

We provide various substrate options (supporting structures) to complement our roofing systems. Additionally, our range of finishes includes colour-coated steel and plain as well as colour-coated aluminium, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our Flat Roofing Supply Chain Partners

Our Pitched Roofing Supply Chain Partners

Our Cladding Partners

Comprehensive Project Management

Working in close collaboration with suppliers and clients, we manage each roofing project meticulously from the initial discussion to the final handover. Our approach ensures clear communication and peace of mind throughout the duration of the works.

Organised and Budget-Friendly Approach

Our team pays meticulous attention to the organisation of your roofing project. We align our services with your budget and business needs, striving to minimise disruption and maintain ‘business as usual’ throughout the project. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our roofing solutions into your operational schedule.

Commitment to Quality and Long-Term Value

The core aim of Kingsley Industrial Roofing is to provide a high-quality roof that not only meets your specific requirements but also offers long-term value for money. We focus on delivering roofing solutions that are durable, efficient, and cost-effective, ensuring satisfaction and longevity.

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At Kingsley Industrial Roofing, we are committed to providing you with the finest roofing solutions, customised to suit the specific demands of your industrial or commercial establishment.

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