F.A.I.R.S  These are factory assembled insulated roof lights. The roof light is manufactured and fully assembled in the factory for use on a composite (insulated) roof. Each roof light will consist of a twin or triple skin of GRP made into an airtight box. This will help the roof to maintain the desired ‘U’ value for the property.

G.R.P  This stands for glass reinforced plastic. These translucent sheets are used for the manufacturing of roof lights, they are made with UV stabilised unsaturated polyester resin and glass fibre reinforcement material. The weathering surface is covered with a highly UV stabilised gel coat layer.

INSULATED COMPOSITE PANEL  Two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of P.I.R insulation which creates an insulated roof that achieves the desired ‘U’ values. 

LOW PITCH STANDING SEAM  Usually an aluminium sheet due to the higher co-efficience of thermal expansion of aluminium when fixing to a structure with a very shallow pitch. The standing seam roof sheet is zipped to a halter, thus no penetrations externally.

NAKED FLAMES  Traditionally felt roofs are laid using a naked flame produced from a propane gas bottle which is channeled through a rubber hose and out of a ‘gas gun’.

ON-ROOF SCARIFIER  A machine with moving spikes, used for breaking up the surface of a roof.

OVER ROOFING  Leaving the existing roof in situ (this is generally asbestos sheeting) and fixing a new lightweight substructure over the top. This new structure would be made of fiberglass quilt insulation and single skin sheeting.

P.I.R/P.U.R INSULATION  Polycocyanurate / Polyutherane insulation products are highly effective, lightweight and have the ability to bond to most products. They have excellent thermal conductivity and high strength to weight ratio.

PURLINS  Horizontal beams that run along the length of a roof, they rest on the principals and support the common rafters or beams.

SECRET FIX  This is a steel profiled sheet supplied in one long length; either from ridge to eave or eave to eave on a curved roof. Having one long sheet would eliminate the need to have an end lap. The side lap arrangement allows the fixing to be concealed, with the overlap of the sheet being a snap-on attachment. There would be no penetration points in the outer profile of the roof, meaning no weak points in the structure.

SINGLE PLY MEMBRANE  A roof system in which the principal roof covering is a single layer of flexible membrane that uses polymer-based synthetic material commonly laid over rigid insulation and secured either with mechanical fasteners, adhesives or ballast.

SINGLE SKIN SHEETING  Generally a box profile coated steel sheet of 0.7mm in depth. This is used on a wide range of buildings, from warehouses and industrial to agricultural outbuildings.

TRAPEZOIDAL  Box profile sheeting.

‘U’ VALUE  This value measures the effectiveness of a material as an insulator on the roof. The lower the ‘U’ value you can achieve, the better the insulation that is provided by the material.