The Office of National Statistics Felt roofing project.

  • The pre-existing roof on this office block was a felt roof with stone chippings.
  • Kingsley Roofing removed these stone chippings with the aid of an on-roof scarifier, all the chippings were then safely bagged up and removed from the site.
  • The lightening conductor was removed and set aside so that it would be ready for re-installation as soon as the project was complete. The lightening conductor was then securely re-installed on new felt pads.
  • Kingsley then torch applied a sanded underlay and then a torch applied mineral cap sheet was installed. These materials were all provided by one of our tried and trusted suppliers, Icopal.

Industrial Units in Marlow, Over sheeting.

  • The pre-existing roof on this industrial unit was made of asbestos, the profile was ‘Big 6’ laid on light section purlins.
  • Kingsley Roofing first removed all redundant ventillation and flue pipes, and installed new glass reinforced plastic sheets to cover the voided areas, these were fitted to match the existing profile of the roof.
  • All of the existing rooflights were then removed and replaced with new to maximize the light transmission into the property once the roof overlay had been completed.
  • Kingsley then installed a light weight, galvanized sub structure over the existing asbestos roof. This was fastened into the existing purlins using self tapping fasteners dipped in a liquid adhesive solution to ensure avoidance of any asbestos fibre release.
  • The new 0.7mm galvanized trapizoidal roof sheeting and replacement rooflights were then all fixed to the new sub structure.
  • Between the old asbestos roof and the new one Kingsley Roofing have fitted 280mm of fibreglass quilt insulation, this creates a well insulated new metal roof which achieves a ‘U’ value that meets all current regulations.

An example of a recent Kingsley roofing feedback form-

This particular customer had discovered a leaking roof light in her factory in West Sussex which housed delicate machinery and so was anxious to get the damage assessed and repaired quickly. We managed to get the property assessed and the repair completed within 2 working days; the customer was delighted as shown by the feedback form below.